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About Awards

All student papers accepted by the TTG will be reviewed for the award. The papers will be reviewed on the following criteria:

  • Unique human factors contribution to current/future issues in Training

  • Original or creative approach to investigate the research question(s) addressed

  • Reasonable and appropriate methodology given the objectives of the work

  • Strong conclusions and/or recommendations for future research


Please feel free to share this information with students and/or colleagues that may or may not be a TTG members but are working in the training domain.


Recent Award Winners


Best Student Paper

Best Student Research Proposal

Ashley Warren

Purdue University

Reganne Miller

Georgia Institute of Technology

Paper Title: Effect of Motion Feedback on Skill Acquisition: Training Performance using an Excavator Simulator

Proposal Title: Preference for Pedagogical Agent: Effect on Learning, Motivation, Satisfaction, and Cognitive Load


Best Student Paper

Best Student Research Proposal

John Hayes

Texas A&M University

Jing Yang

Purdue University

Paper Title: Identifying Early Predictors of Learning in VR-based Drone Training

Proposal Title: 

HFES TTG Award Winners and TTG officers


Best Student Paper

Best Student Research Proposal

Philippe Meister

Iowa State University

Xiang Yang

Virginia Tech

Paper Title: Using Three-Dimensional Augmented Reality to Enhance General Aviation Weather Training

Proposal Title: Sensitivity and Spatial Acuity to Vibrotactile Stimulation during Static to Dynamic Movements

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